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Rod care

Posted on | October 25, 2013


Once in a blue moon, I have to hear breakerage of our rods.

Because I want you to understand why it breaks, I write about how to care for the rod.

Those who break rods often break rods many times.


They only have to be a little more careful.

In some cases, some anglers who are too exited may break rods

inside the room while casting a rod.

Sounds cute, eh?

One of the reasons I stick to precision of casting is not to break rods.

Strange casting form may overload the rod.

Tenkara rods are made to be sensitive.

Target fish for Tenkara fishing are amago and yamame – 30 centimeters for the longest.

This is the the fishing requing sensitivity when throwing a fly

with pinpoint precision in the fast current.

There are quite a few of those who break rods by casting unnaturally

and overloading rods.


People good at casting rarely break rods.

●Things to remember when extending a rod

Ensure your line is not entangled with twigs,

gravels and grasses before extending the rod whose lilian is attached to the line.

Extend your rod after making sure the line is not being stuck

with the fishing vest or clothes or stepped on by a foot.


●Things to remember when putting away a rod

Likewise, check the tangle with the line. After taking the line off the lilian,

first put away the rod, then roll up the line.

Thicker part of the rod tip should be held with

fingers and then made collapsed straight

with both hands without twisting the rod;

with one hand it can break more easily.


●At the stream

You may hit the rod against rocks or trees.

You wouldn’t want to do that as this causes it to break.

So you’d better observe what is lying around you and cast a rod.

If a fly catches a rock or something, do not try to pull it off forcibly with rod;

instead take it off by pulling the line.

Now you may be excited to catch a fish.  Here’s also another warning.

With sudden hooksetting, you may lose fish by breaking the line,

but in the worse case, the rod too.

You’ve got to do all very carefully and certainly.


●When you hook a line into a tree, driftwood, grasses

Do not pull it forcedly; make the fly fall if it is somewhere

high by using a driftwood or something.

If the fly catches a rock on the other side of current,

remove the line from the rod and go to the other side and pull it off.


●Salvage flies if possible as flies are costly and also may hurt animails

Collapse the rod after drying it if it gets wet.


I want rods to be maintained with great care.

All the equipmenets are not made for disposal.

Professional Tenkara fishermen also took good care of fishing equipment.

Use equipment and keep them in good shape for long period

and make them parts of your body.




That’s the Tenkara.





3 Responses to “Rod care”

  1. Delane G
    October 25th, 2013 @ 11:32 AM

    I would be interested in reading of your specific method of removing and attaching lines to your rods.

    Thankyou for sharing your life long adventure of Tenkara for all of us to enjoy.

    D. Guild

  2. Oni
    October 25th, 2013 @ 3:46 PM

    Hello Delane,Thank you too.Happy Tenkara!

  3. Ronald Raymond
    December 5th, 2013 @ 11:35 PM

    merci de vos conseils


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