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He is an artist with a Tenkara Rod.
Total command of level line as long as 12m (39.37 feet)…
With his creative and intricate techniques,
he puts life into his Kebari, mesmerizing his target fish.
Introducing Masami Sakakibara, the Grand Master of modern day Tenkara.
Tenkara anglers in Japan began calling him, “Tenkara-no-Oni” (Oni of Tenkara) some time ago in Japan for his total devotion to Tenkara, his fierce attitude and relentless pursuit in perfecting Japan’s traditional fishing method.
He is loved for his kindness and integrity, but respected for his tremendously intense passion towards Tenkara.
To pay respect for his character and to his attitude towards Tenkara, other Tenkara anglers gave him the nickname “Tenkara-no-Oni”.

Masami is an intense Tenkara Angler. He is so focused on Tenkara and polishing his techniques, he’d never shown much interest in promoting Tenkara or himself other then teaching at his usual Tenkara lessons. His surroundings on the other hand, wished for many years for the Master to tell the rest of the world about what can be done with a simple Tenkara rig. Masami turned 60 in 2011. At his birthday event, for the first time he mentioned to those present, that he wishes there was a way to “preserve his Tenkara”. It is not for Masami himself, but for those who will be left behind when he is no longer present. We have met some wonderful people in Italy and the US, who we wish to share more information. Masami’s long-time students, his wife Kyoko, and many others got together to create this website with hopes to share as much as possible, the amazing things we are privileged to see fishing with the Master. We also wish to connect with as many Tenkara fans throughout the world!

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