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Beauty of the Pair

Posted on | November 8, 2012


Ever since I started Tenkara, watching the native trout of Japan paring up to

spawn has been a very important annual event.

After the season closes in September or October here, I drive the distance

into the mountains to see one of the most majestic wildlife events I know,

“Spawning”. I’ve been watching them for about 35 seasons now…

I bring with myself my binoculars,a camera, and a video camera to capture

this dramatic event.  From this experience,

I’ve learned which species of trout in every region of Japan begin to pair up

and when there’s drought, they hold themselves back until the next rainy day.

Nature is magnificent.  It seems to know exactly what to do in every


One time, I picked a specific trout and followed it climb up stream for

an entire  day.

It’s a very interesting thing to do and I recommend doing this to every serious


There are many reasons to why I say that.

1) It helps train your eyes to spot a fish.

2) Helps you understand where fish like to rest or feed, so you can plan

your fishing for the next season.

3) You’ll find that there are “paths” in a flow of a river where fish choose to swim

through. This will help you with your fishing.

4) You’ll witness all the hard work fish put in to leave their genes behind.

I guarantee it will make it much more difficult for you to keep a fish.

5) Streams in fall are beautiful and rich with all sorts of mushrooms and

other edible plants you can pick.

6) Less chances of seeing bugs and snakes so your wife & kids can come along.

7) If you can keep your family happy, they will happily send you off and

away for a Tenkara outing the next season..

I never get tired of watching them in the paring stage.

Sort of reminds me of my younger days.   Had I known how to chase women

instead of fish, my life may have been drastically different.

Yet still, I think I’d still choose fish.


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