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Guided trip for Christoph, the guest from France

Posted on | August 16, 2015

Tenkara guide(2015/8/25now)







I’ve been having a long relationship with Christoph Laurent

in Normandy, France.

Both operating Tenkara blogs, we have checked blogs each other.

His blog lets us know his true “passion of Tenkara.”

Nowadays, quite a few people around the world are conducting

their own Tenkara blogs,

but three years ago when I visited Sesia in Italy,

I remember there were only two making Tenkara blog in France.

Since he came to Japan all the way, I did fishing guide for him.

He first met my friend Yuzo Sebata at first.

As a Japanese fishermen’s custom, when someone wants to ask

his friend for guiding for a guest,

fist he makes a prior inquiry for consent; it is a courtesy.

Japanese fishermen probably over age of 50 consider proper procedures.



Therefore, when I met Mr. Sebata at TTC meeting, I asked

him properly for guiding for Christoph.

It is because our relationship is very long.

But what is disappointing is that such customs and

courtesies are not properly handed down onto the younger generations.

Prior contact and proper inquiries are very important.



Having met many people and fished good fish, Christoph came to my place

after enjoying solo sightseeing in Takayama in Hida region.

Despite the communication over the long period in the past,

this was the first time for us to meet in person.

Meeting Oniyome, my wife at the gate of Shinkansen station of Kakegawa,

when he approached me, he looked very happy with his fair-skinned

face turning reddish.

His hands were trembling; he probably had wanted to see me so much.

Thank you for coming, Christoph.

After making a toast at izakaya pub and eating oyako don, chicken egg bowl,

I brought him to my house.

We both keep cats, so he made himself at home soon.
















The weather next day wasn’t good, so we spent the day watching DVD’s

and enjoying a sightseeing tour in Kakegawa.

I took him to a fishing ship and an antique shop.

He seemed to be a quiet person and enjoy observing people;

he showed me a lot of great smiles all the time.

Though it was just drizzling, we did a casting practice outside

at a place with a roof.

Thanks to rain, I could do many things for him:

explanation on what rods are better and what lines are suitable and also

Tenkara fly tying.

He is calm and listens to me intently.

He seemed to be into Tenkara and paid attention to

me quietly but very keenly.

I took him to my home water which I cannot tell you as

Japanese angling environment are deteriorating – decreased number of

fish due to catch and kill and destruction of nature.

For the last decade, the number of fish has fallen by probably more

than one tenth.

Since SNS has a large audience, I cannot tell the name.




Team Oni made okonomiyaki for him



The mainstream was muddy in color but I guided him by finding

fishable water.

Christoph caught many: probably 30 or 40 fish including

some missed catch.

I explained him why he missed hooking: he will be

much better next time.

Extending his stay by one day, he enjoyed my home river

and finally caught native amago and yamato iwana.

With so much joy as a souvenir,

I saw him off at Shinkansen station.

With blushed white face, he said to me,

“I will never forget this memory and what you taught me.”

I promised to see him again for Oni school in Italy this year.

With this experience, He will be a leading master

to teach Tenkara in France.


He now does not do fishing like nymphing in flyfishing;

he has learned to cast Tenkara fly softly and vertically on

the surface while the leader and tippet are still off the surface.



For your information

I do conduct Tenkara fishing guide services. To be honest,

Japanese water is not all suitable for Tenkara fishing.

Fishing information on locations often comes to me from all over Japan.

In order to make an efficient fishing trip, I can support you also

with transportation, dinning and so on.

I have information on economical accommodations for those who

want to stay a month or so.
If you also have other interests like canyoneering and

other outdoor activities, I can assist you.

Tenkara guide service fee is 15,000JP yen a day per person.

I can give discount for a large group.

Please feel free to inquire for that.

If you live in America, you can contact John Vetterli,

the Tenkara guide in the US.

John Vetterli

If you want a particular fishing trip, I can give estimation.



At the moment, there is no specific website page

for guide service, but soon it will appear.


For the last information, I will stay in Italy from

September 2nd to 8th this year.

I will be in Val Sesia situated next to Novara in Piemonte province

in the south western part of the Alps.

Lesson fee is 15,000 yen a day or 100 Euro.

Please sign up for it using Facebook messenger.

We may go headwater fishing and also visit local fishing shops

in the free time.


Probably five will be the best size for such a lesson.


If you have such a party, I can make some negotiation on special price.




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