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Only a bit of cloud in the sky in Home

Posted on | June 15, 2013

archive May 16 (Japanese blog)


We went to our home the week before last week.
The main propose was to research what the upper side of the river looks like.
Of course, we also fished.
Ubi joined us.
We went together to the main stream.
The volume of water and color looked nice.
Everyone fished at their own pace.



Mr. Shino who enjoys taking Tenkara photos more than Tenkara stayed with Ubi.
We had a battle of nimphing first.
Well, because of the weights, they catch fish right away.
Tenkara people can’t catch so easily. But it doesn’t matter. They just swing their rods.
Here is a good point. Some people catch fish with using other methods, but Tenkara people don’t care at all.
They just try Tenkara.

Tenkara has something that attracts people regardless of the amount of fish they catch.
Ubi’s teacher is a master of nimphing.

He is a Fly team Italy Jr. but likes Tenkara.



Ubi tried nimphing.


He caught a beautiful Yamato Iwana.
He also caught Amago fish but forgot the camera…

At night, we enjoyed talking about fishing as usual.
Actually this day, we taught Ubi Japanese.
Of course it was fishing terms.
Ubi noted everything seriously. Everyone used the Alphabet to teach him pronunciation.
「’Omori’ is weights. Start with the letter ‘O’ same as Oppai(women’s breast)~ 」
Ubi learned different terms, too…
He was an innocent boy before like a cat.

The sky was full of stars.
It looked like they were smiling for us.
Our fishing still continues.





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  1. Adam
    June 16th, 2013 @ 12:48 AM

    Nice reflection. I enjoy fishing with fly fisher too. But I fish Tenkara and now the ONI way like my brothers. See you soon.

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