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Oni stay& fishing in ITALY 1

Posted on | July 24, 2013

Sean Lennon, the beloved son of John, was aboard the same flight for Rome.


The rainbow was out there when I got out of the airport. Lucky me.


I came back from Italy.
I first arrived in Rome. It was also hot in Italy.
Sean  Lennon happened to be on the same plane.
out of the airport.
It looked like a good start.


I also did sightseeing in Rome.


They made T-shirts, name tags and entry forms for my class. Many thanks.


Two Italian fishing gurus Alberto and Marica took care of me for this trip.

They organized Tenkara classes that are similar to those held in Japan. I was grateful for their doing that.




Italian plants – they are all herbs!


So many people came! It’s so nice of them!


We headed for the River Voturno in Colli al oltruno.
The river has quite a few tributaries, some of which are limited to fishing using artificial flies.
The streams produce 40 to 50cm-long marumorata and fario.
They are, however, spooked; therefore you may have to have flies sink.

My Tenkara technique uses flies no smaller than size #14; success depends on approaches and casting. I never use heavy flies.
Of course, with only a single fly.
With more flies on the lines, odds for catching fish might increase.
Still, I never do that.
Reading currents, I let a fly down without resorting to gears; I try to catch one with only my technique.
A fish vs a man; a real bout.
It is, therefore, more exciting.


As is usual, first I showed my casting.


Fly tying was well received! They are all “fly tribes”, aren’t they?


Spaghetti I had for lunch – this style seems to be unique to Rome.


Pork steak – so tender and tasty


The Volturno is crowded with anglers, but the river is clear and abundant in insects.
I noticed the river is the perfect place for practicing Tenkara.
The hotel I stayed at was very comfortable and the food was also tasty.
Mozzarella cheese I bought there on the way back to Rome was exquisite.

I love Italy so much.

To be continued


Translation:Naoto Kaiba



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