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Japanese Fishing Exhibition

Posted on | February 14, 2015

2015 Fishing Exhibition was held on Feb. 7th and 8th in Osaka, the capital of West Japan.

Similar one just took place in Yokohama, one of the major cities in the east.

Other than these major fishing show events there are some small trade shows throughout the year.

Now, I would like to introduce the show that was held on Feb. 7th and 8th.
Together with my Oni rods, I also participated in this biggest Japanese fishing trade show.


You need to pay admission fee to enter this exhibition.


Still, as many as 42,117 people came to the show during the three-day event.
The venue was filled with zing; people rushed to their favorite booth to be the first to see.


180 fishing related companies joined this event.


This is the biggest fishing even in Japan for each manufacturer to introduce the new products.
The leading fishing companies are Shimano, Daiwa and Gamakatsu,


which leased the biggest booths and held special attractions for three days consecutively.


The show includes all kinds of fishing of both saltwater and freshwater;


exhibitors sell all items ranging from equipment and gear to books and other tutorial media on fishing methods of all fishing genres


such as bait fishing, spinning fishing and fly fishing including Tenkara.


Both you and non-angling companions also can enjoy eating familiar Japanese food

like “ramen” “yakisoba” “curry and rice” at food stalls.

Having talked with some traders, our Oni Shop will be dealing with more items from now on. Please look forward to it.

Retailers and distributors also can exchange information and have some business negotiations at some sections

Now let me give you some information on Tenkara at the exhibition.


Out of 180 exhibitors there were no more than six companies dealing with Tenkara rods.


Shimano brought three rods, Daiwa five and Tenryu five.


Gamakatsu release new rods only in fall.
Nissin made special Tenkara section with 30 different Tenkara rods.


It was only Nissin that could let you choose from many rods.


To me, our country seemed to be a bit behind in terms of Tenkara considering its popularity in other countries.



As to level lines, I saw two good companies.


It won’t be long before we will have them available at Oni Shop too.


Tippets that are shown in the picture were strong and supple.


The color is green but it actually does not bother.


For hooks, those from DOHITOMI looked great. They are durable hooks.

I have noticed that many people in other countries look to bamboo rods.


But they are living materials and their characteristics change with circumstances.


Japan is the country with high-temperature and humidity; those bamboos from Japan may have cracks


if they are taken to dry countries like Europe and US.


It cannot be helped as this happens naturally.


You should be aware that they may have cracks if you dare to purchase bamboo rods from Japan.


We will soon start to sell this year’s new items. So please be a bit more patient for a while.


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