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Yūzō Sebata

Master of the “Headwater Tenkara”

 Yūzō Sebata

Born 1940. Resides in Tokyo. Owned and managed his restaurant “Mukago” for many years.  In his youth Mr. Sebata was designated to inherit “Nikko Tenkara”, a style of Tenkara passed on for many generations in and around Okorogawa region of northwestern Tochigi prefecture.  He then studied, modified, developed and became a known figure for his style of Tenkara.  Starting in the 1960’s he became obsessed and immersed himself with not only Tenkara, but with headwaters of the deepest and the most remote locations of the mountains in Japan. Hence his main target fish has been Iwana.  He is a renowned mountaineer, for his accomplishments for developing many paths and trails through numbers of mountain regions in northern Honshū.  He has written many books on Tenkara and outdoor survival.




Mr. Sebata’s Tenkara Tackle

Rod: Daiwa 4.5

Casting Line: Handmade taper line plus tippet

Uses traditional kebari

In Progress


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