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Oni and VHS Cameras



Masami used to stand in rivers fishing with a VHS camera held in his left hand

filming his own techniques so he can study his Tenkara.  His unique silhouette

represents his passion for Tenkara and lead to his fame in the

Tenkara community in Japan. His determination to become a complete

Tenkara angler cost him broken hands.  He’d fallen and broken his hands

twice fishing and filming.  He ruined his camera both times but never let go

of his Tenkara rod. An extensive collection of these videos show not only

Masami’s casting and luring techniques, but the great nature that existed

in Japan. There are footages of completely native Amago, which are hard to

find today and “Yamato Iwana”, an almost-extinct species of Japanese char

is captured. Masami has said, “I wanted to reassure myself that Tenkara is a

good fair game with the fish so I kept filming. At the same time I saw the nature

being torn apart by cement walls and dams at an alarming speed, so I also

wanted to record what was left of nature at the time…”

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