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Ability to See Fish with Naked Eyes


It was probably Prof. Hisao Ishigaki, who recognized Masami’s ability

to spot a fish faster than anyone else… with naked eyes.

An expert in visionary studies, Prof. Ishigaki writes in his book

(Truth about Kebari Fishing You Must Not Read):

・・・“Sakakibara the Oni likes to fish with naked eyes also, but he catches

fish left and right.  I have my polarized glasses on and he points out fish

in the water that I can’t see… He’d say “There, Amago!”, “It’s a big one”,

“23cm!” and such.  He sees the slightest of movement under water and

calls the species of fish and sizes”…

His vision is based on many years of experience of observing fish not only

from above the surface but from diving in rivers and seeing them underneath

the surface.  He is able to create an “image” of where fish may be before

he starts looking for them.  This is another technique he’s acquired over the

years to improve is Tenkara.


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