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Sinking Kebari Without Weight

A rod, a line, and a kebari, that’s all there is to Tenkara. Professional kebari

fishermen of “Kurobe” (Mountain Region in Central Japan) never used any

weight on a kebari and their legendary stories have been written and told over

and over in Japan.  Many Tenkara anglers are fascinated by these stories,

and try to imitate the tradition.  Masami chooses not to use a weighted kebari,

because he is truly fascinated with beauty in the simplicity of Tenkara and

its challenges.There are days when all fish are feeding on the bottom, sometimes

2~3 m (6~10 feet)below the surface. You can sink a weighted kebari and

present it right in the face-of a fish, and you can probably catch it.  To Masami,

this takes away from the simplicity of Tenkara.  Tenkara is about using your

techniques to make up for the lack of material presence.

Masami would look for that vertical current that can take his kebari under.

With just enough slack on the line, the flow of the river will bring the kebari

right tothe depth where fish lay.  In order to learn how to read dynamic

currents of a river,the Master used to repetitively throw small leaves onto

the river and watched how each leaf drifted down.


Masami can maintain his kebari in the same exact position by reading the “currents”


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