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The Master of Long Level Line Tenkara



What made him known and famous is his ability to cast up to

a 12 meter (39.37ft) long level line.

He does this, with lighter lines (#2~#2.5) than others use in Tenkara.

His casting is not only accurate but graceful.  Every cast forms a loop-

which turns at the end of the tippet for perfect and soft kebari presentation

into a tight pocket of flow across the river.  Then he would dance the kebari –

as if it is alive. Other Tenkara Anglers have tried to imitate his casting,

but no one could cast across the fast current with such long lines and present-

the kebari in such a gentle fashion.  If you could cast a kebari into locations-

other Anglers can’t, with absolute precision and gentle presentation techniques,

you would catch fish others can’t.

Masami became totally fascinated with this concept and mastered his skills in

his 35 year Tenkara career.


Masami’s gentle kebari presentation captured in images




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