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Stalling Kebari in Midst of a Flow


Masami would often submerge his kebari, and is able to stall it in the middle

of the current, where he thinks a fish would bite. This amazing technique has

drawn a lot of attention from other Tenkara Anglers in Japan. Others would try,

but river keeps flowing, and it seems impossible. “How is he doing that?”  If you

could stall a kebari at that precise location in a current where fish is most likely

to bite, it certainly would attract fish and will increase the chances of you

catching it. When asked how he does this, Masami explains, “I read the

current, taking in the wind factor, and make very subtle adjustments with

the tip of my rod.  The movements are so small you probably won’t see it. ”

It is not magic but intensely delicate techniques that Masami developed to

become a successful Tenkara Angler.



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